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Taverner –



Married – TAVERNER-BIRRELL – At Deseronto Road, Aug. 6th , Miss Maggie Birrell and Fred L. Taverner, Conway.


Rev. W.W. Peck united in marriage, yesterday, August 8th, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Birrell, Deseronto Road, their daughter Maggie to Fred L. Taverner, Adolphustown . The newly married couple took the noon train for Kingston and steamer to Montreal, for a honeymoon trip. The bride received many beautiful presents.


Aug 9 1902

Daily British Whig


Aug 11 1902

Weekly British Whig

Taylor -



TAYLOR - HOLMES - At Cape Vincent N.Y., on Wednesday, August 9th, 1911 by Rev. J.C. Cummings, Mr. Garrett M. Taylor to Miss Freda Holmes.



From the Watson Scrapbooks

Thompson -



Thomas Thompson, jr., and Miss Bogart, of Adolphustown, were married in the U.E.L. Memorial church on Wednesday. It was a pretty affair.


Dec 11 1891

Daily British Whig

Thompson -



At Napanee, March 24th, Arthur Blake Thompson to Miss Ida Loyst, both of North Fredericksburgh.


Mar 29 1897

Daily British Whig

Thompson –



THOMPSON-PRINGLE – On the 15th June, Fred Thompson, Ernesttown to Miss Ettie, only daughter of Ira Pringle, North Fredericksburgh.


At the residence of Ira Pringle, North Fredericksburgh, on the 15th inst., his daughter Ettie was united in marriage to Fred Thompson, one of Switzerville’s popular young men. The bride was sustained by Miss Lottie Thompson, Napanee and the groom by Wm. B. Pringle, brother of the bride.


June 23 1892

Weekly British Whig

Thoms -  



THOMS - BROWN - At Trinity parsonage on Tuesday, July 5th, 1921, by Rev. Dr. Shorey, Mr. Fred Thoms of Ernesttown, and Miss Bertha M. Brown of South Fredericksburgh.


A Double Wedding

An interesting event took place at Trinity Parsonage, Napanee, on Tuesday night, July 5th 1921, when the marriage took place of the Misses Brown, daughters of Mrs. J. and the late Mr. J. Brown, Sandhurst, when Bertha Helen was united in wedlock to Mr. Frederick Thoms, youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. Thoms, Ernesttown, and Lillian Mae to Mr. James Carroll, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carroll, both of Sandhurst. The ceremony was solemnized by the Rev. Dr. Shorey. The brides, who are of the winsome young ladies of Sandhurst, looked charming dressed in navy blue satin with suitable trimmings and hats to match. After the wedding they motored to the bride's home, where a dainty wedding tea was served. The grooms' gifts to the brides were, to the former a diamond ring and to the latter a gold wrist watch. The brides' gifts were costly and numerous, including some cheques. All join in wishing them every prosperity in life.


July 12 1921




July 29 1921

Napanee Beaver

Thoms –



A wedding of interest to many Kingstonians was solemnized on Thursday afternoon, Feb 2 at 1.30 o’clock at St. Alban’s Church, Adolphustown, when Barbara Elizabeth (Betty) Heathcote, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Heathcote, Bath, became the bride of Dr. Albert Edward Thoms, only son of Mr. A.E. Thoms and the late Mrs. Thoms, Arnprior. Rev. Mr. C.H. Quarterman of Tamworth performed the ceremony.

To the wedding march played by the church organist, the charming bride entered the church with her father, who gave her in marriage. She wore an exquisite floor-length gown of cyclamen rose with matching jacket, puffed sleeves and contrasting beige lapels and a gold sequin Juliet cap. She wore a bracelet, presented as an award at her graduation last June, by Mrs. Hines, in memory of the latter’s mother, Mrs. (Dr.) Stanley Keyes. . Her flowers were an old fashioned nosegay of Johanna Hill roses.

Miss Beverly Henderson of Cornwall, youthful niece of the groom was the bride’s only attendant and was charming in floor-length powder blue taffeta with short puffed sleeves and pearl Juliet cap. She carried a nosegay of pink roses. James Heathcote, brother of the bride, was groomsman.

The reception was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ross VanDyck, Bath. Delightful refreshments were served by class mates of the bride, Miss Ella M. Rogers, Miss Hazel H. Landon and Miss Ruby E. Spencer.

The bride is a graduate of the class of 1938 of the Kingston General Hospital and the groom of class 1936 in medicine of Queen’s University and has interned at K.G.H.

Out of town guests were: Mrs. W.S. Henderson, Cornwall, sister of the groom; Mr. and Mrs. J. Keith, Ottawa; Mrs. A.E. Thoms, Arnprior and Mr. V.R. Chatterton, Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Later, Dr. and Mrs. Thoms left by motor for Toronto, the bride travelling in a smart navy blue gown and navy blue off-the-face hat, white gloves and black broadtail swagger coat, trimmed with Persian Lamb. After a short wedding trip, Dr. and Mrs. Thoms will reside in Madoc where the groom has a practice.


Feb 4 1939

Kingston Whig Standard

Thomson -



On Monday the 18th inft. at Adolphustown, Mr. HUGH C. THOMSON, Merchant, of Kingfton, of the firm of Thomfon and Detlor, to Mifs ELIZABETH RUTTAN, of the former place.


Mar 23 1816

Kingston Gazette

Thorpe -



At Hallowell, on Wednesday evening, 21st inst., by the Rev. Mr. Mccaulay, David Louis Thorp, Esq., of Fredericksburgh to Miss Lydia Jane Barker of Hallowell.


Mar 27 1832

Hallowell Free Press

Tibbutt –




SILLSVILLE, Sept. 1. – The United Church parsonage in Yarker was the scene of a quiet but pretty wedding Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 14, when Miss Evelyn A. Balance of Strathcona, became the bride of Mr. William E. Tibbutt, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Tibbutt, Sillsville. The ceremony was performed by Rev. W.G. Fletcher.

The bride was gowned in white with white fingertip veil and accessories to match and carried a bouquet of red roses and fern. The bridesmaid, Miss Doris Balance, sister of the bride, also looked lovely in pink sheer with pink shoulder veil and carried a nosegay of mixed flowers. Mr. Archie Baker was groomsman. Following the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the bride’s parents for the immediate families. A table with decoration s of pale blue, pink and white streamers was centred with a three-tiered wedding cake.

After the reception the happy couple left amid showers of confetti and good wishes on their honeymoon to the United States. The bride’s going away dress was blue silk jersey with hat to match and white accessories. On their return they will reside at Sillsville.


Sept 1 1945

Kingston Whig Standard

Tibbett -



TIBBETT - PARKS - At Grace Church Parsonage, on September 19th, 1931, by Rev. W. P. Woodger, Gordon Tibbett, of Adolphustown and Cora Alma Parks, daughter of Mrs. J. A. Parks, Napanee.





Tibbett -



Charles W. Tibbett, age 26, Res: So. Fredericksburgh, b. Fredericksburgh Tp., Bachelor, Farmer, English Church, son of Edward Tibbett & Alice Tibbett

Pearl Ruby Ruttan, age 17, Res: So. Fredericksburgh, b. Richmond Tp., Spinster, Methodist, dau. of William Ruttan & Martha Ruttan.

Married at Brides Home, August 4, 1913, by Rufus Garrett, Meth. Minister.

Witnesses:  Ernest Ruttan, So. Fredericksburgh & Everton Ruttan, So. Fredericksburgh.


Methodist Marriage Records

Conway - Adolph.


Tibbutt –



TIBBUTT- MURRAY – At Conway, on Jan. 14th, Jean Ann Murray to George Edward Tibbutt.


A quiet wedding was solemnized in Conway Union [sic] Church on Jan. 14th of Jean Ann Murray and George Tibbett, both of Conway.


TIBBUTT-MURRY – At Conway Union Church, Conway, on January 14th 1925, by the Rev. H.B. Neal, jean Ann Murry to George Edward Tibbutt.


Jan 17 1925

Daily British Whig


Feb 2 1925

Daily British Whig


Jan 17 1925

Daily Standard

Tibbett –


In Kingston, on Monday, March 2nd, 1914, by the Rev. Mr. Forneri, Gertrude Wilson, to Frank Tibbett, both of Adolphustown

Mar 7 1914

Kingston Daily Standard

Tompkins -



St. Alban's Church, Adolphustown was the scene of a pretty wedding on Tuesday, April 3rd at 10.30 o'clock, when Ethel Gladys Hines became the bride of Harvey Clinton Tomkins. The bride was becomingly attired in a dress of bisque flat crepe and cream lace, hose the same shade and black shoes. Mr. Strother, the Rector of the church performed the ceremony. Miss Alida Broise of Toronto, was the bride's attendant and Mr. Harry Tomkins brother of the groom, was the best man.

Lunch was served at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Harry Hines.

For her going away costume the bride donned a blue ensemble with a jaunty hat to match. They left amidst all kinds of good wishes for points West. On their return the happy couple will reside in Conway.


Apr 13 1928

Napanee Beaver

Tompkins -



Percy Joseph Tompkins, age 45, Res: Kingston, Ont., b. Colebrook, Ont., Bachelor, Labourer, United Church of Canada, son of Hester Anne Wright & John A. Tompkins.

Edna May Lennox, age 22, Res: Kingston, Ont., b. Alexbury, New York, Spinster, United Church of Canada, dau. of Elizabeth Black & Fred. Lennox.

Married at Conway Parsonage, July 22, 1942 by K. J. Crawford, U.C. of Canada Minister.

Witnesses:  Mrs. K. J. Crawford, RR # 1 Bath & Wilfred Tompkins, Bath, Ont.


Methodist Marriage Records

Conway - Adolph.


Towns -



Married - On the 5th March, at Napanee, Mr. George Towns to Miss Elizabeth Patterson, both of South Fredericksburgh.


Mar 26 1874

Weekly British Whig

Trumpour -



TRUMPOUR-DIAMOND - At the Methodist parsonage, South Napanee, on Wednesday evening, Dec. 23d, 1903, by Rev. E. Farnsworth, Ford Paul Trumpour, of Adolphustown, to Hattie Diamond, of North Fredericksburgh.


Jan 1 1904

Napanee Beaver

Trumpour -



Trumpour - Gurren - A quiet wedding was solemnized at the residence of the bride's parents, Sandhurst, on Wednesday, June 23d, when the Rev. Forneri, of Adolphustown, united in the holy bonds of wedlock, Miss Edith Gurren and Mr. Luke P. Trumpour, of Dorland. The bride, attired in white silk, trimmed with chiffon, wore a handsome diamond brooch, the gift of the groom. She was ably assisted by Miss Lottie Allen, of Napanee, while Mr. T. Gurren, brother of the bride, acted as best man. The event was a very quiet one, only intimate friends and relatives being present. The ceremony took place at 11 o'clock a.m., after which all partook of a sumptuous dinner prepared by the host and hostess, which was enjoyed by all present. At 2 o'clock p.m. Mr. Trumpour and bride left for Deseronto and thence by one of the liners for an extended tour to Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara and Toronto. A heavy shower of rice was bestowed upon them by their anxious and well-wishing friends.


July 2 1897



Trumpour -



Marriage at Adolphustown - On 30th Jan. an interesting event took place in St. Alban's church, Adolphustown, the marriage of Mark Trumpour, only son of Jacob Trumpour, to Miss Ida May Taverner, eldest daughter of Alfred Taverner, South Fredericksburgh. The bride, attired in cream silk, with a long veil and orange blossoms, entered the church on her father's arm. Miss Gertie Trumpour, bridesmaid, sister of the groom, came in with Alfred Taverner jr., brother of the bride and groomsman. Proceeding up the aisle while the wedding march was being played, the bridal party reached the altar rail, where the bridegroom stood, and the clergyman in his official robes. The solemn service was soon over. As soon as possible the bride was in her travelling dress again and seated beside her husband, they drove off for Napanee. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Trumpour visit the queen city, and then return to Adolphustown.


Feb 4 1895

Weekly British Whig

Tucker -



Rev. W.B. Tucker, B.D., of Adolphustown, was married, Wednesday afternoon to Miss Florence Huff, daughter of A.J. Huff, Mountain View. The home of the bride was the scene of the happy occurrence. The Rev. W. tucker, brother of the groom, was the officiating clergyman. In compliance with the wishes of both families, the wedding was a quiet affair.


June 30 1893

Daily British Whig

Turner –



TURNER – KERR – At the Presbyterian Manse on Jan. 8, 1919, by Rev. A. V. Brown, Miss Merle Kerr, of Crofton to Pte. Clifford Turner of Picton.



From the Watson Scrapbooks




TWIST – READ – The home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Carlton Read, 145 Madison avenue, was the scene of a pretty wedding at high noon on Monday July 7th, when their niece, Wilhemina, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Read, of Bobcaygeon, became the bride of John Joseph Twist, of Lakefield, Ont.  The bride looked charming in her gown of cream marquisette with satin sash. The bridesmaid, Miss Greta Read, sister of the bride, wore rose silk crepe de chene and Mrs. Read was becomingly attired in grey silk crepe de chine. Mr. Douglas Read was groomsman and Rev. Mr. Creighton, of Bradford, an old friend of the family, was the officiating clergyman.  Miss Maude Harper played the wedding march and after the ceremony Miss Anna Galbraith sang “O Promise Me”.  After the wedding breakfast the happy young couple left for a short honeymoon and will make their home in Lakefield.  The many guests repaired for a time to further celebrate the day with Mr. and Mrs. Read, it being the 49th anniversary of their wedding.


From the Watson Scrapbooks

Uens –



UENS-COLLINS – At Napanee, on March 15th, Walter Wellington Uens, North Fredericksburgh, to Miss Ethel Maria Collins, only daughter of John T. Collins, of the same place.


Apr 6 1911

Weekly British Whig

Uens -



UENS-SHETLOR - At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shetlor, Strathcona, Andrew Roswell Uens, of Bethany, to Ada Marie Shetlor, by Rev. E. Farnsworth, on Wednesday, December 12th, 1917.


SHETLOR-UENS - A very pleasant event took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Shetlor, Strathcona, on Wednesday, December 15th, 1917, when their only daughter, Ada Marie, was united in wedlock to Mr. Andrew Roswell Uens, of Bethany. The bride, who looked charming in white crepe de chine, with trimmings of silver was attended by Miss Uens, sister of the groom, while the groom was ably supported by Mr. Barr, of Mountain Grove. The ceremony was performed by her Pastor, Rev. E. Farnsworth, in the midst of a few of the immediate relatives. The happy couple left for points west, amid showers of rice and good wishes. The bride's travelling suit was of navy blue serge, with white picture hat of white crepe de chene. We extend congratulations and wishes for a happy life.


Dec 21 1917

Napanee Beaver

Unger –



On the 3rd inst., at the residence of the bride’s father near Picton, by the Rev. Mr. McCallum, Mr. John W. Unger, third son of the Rev. D. Unger, North Fredericksburgh, to Sarah, only daughter of Mr. William McQuin, for a long time Deputy Reeve of the Township of Hallowell.


Nov 17 1875

Kingston Daily News




UNWIN – PEDDER- At Carsey’s Baptist Chapel, Calcutta, India, on July 12th 1915, Pte. F. Unwin to Florence Violet Freda Pedder, daughter of F. J. Pedder, Daltonga—India.  



From the Watson Scrapbooks




UNWIN – CULLUM- At St. James Church, Devonport, England, on August 5th, 1915, Sgt. V. W. Unwin, to Ellen Maud Cullum, daughter of Sidney Cullum, Devonport



From the Watson Scrapbooks

Valeau -



MARRIED - At Sophiasburgh on Wednesday the 4th instant by James Cotter, Esq, Mr. Peter Valeau, aged 70 years to Mrs. Charity Lazier, aged 70 also.




Oct 13 1820

Valentine -



VALENTINE - GATES - At the home of the bride’s mother, 627 Princess St. Kingston, Margaret Beatrice only daughter of Mrs. Jos. Gates to Percy Albert Valentine of Cataraqui, formerly of Violet, youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Valentine, Ernesttown.



Newspaper Clipping

Vanalstine -



MARRIED - At Adolphustown on the 23d ultima by the Rev. Job Deacon, Allan Vanalstine, Esq., merchant of Oswego N.Y.. to Ann, eldest daughter of Jonathan Allan, Esq., of the former place.


Apr 8 1837

Kingston Chronicle & Gazette

Vanalstine -



Miss Maud, daughter of W.H. Crabbe, North Fredericksburgh, was united in marriage, on December 21st to Freeman Vanalstine.


VanAlstine-Crabbe - A very pretty wedding took place at the residence of W.H. Crabbe, Esq., of North Fredericksburgh, on the evening of Dec. 21st, when his daughter, Maude, was united into matrimony to Mr. Freeman Vanalstine. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Thurza Crabbe, while Mr. W.B. Sills filled the same office for the groom. The bride looked charming in her suit of blue velvet, trimmed with white satin. The service was performed by the Rev. S. Crookshanks. After the ceremony the guests sat down to a sumptuous repast, prepared by Mrs. Crabbe. None but the immediate relatives of the bride and groom were invited. The newly married couple took the midnight train for a trip to Niagara Falls and other points west, carrying with them the best wishes of a large circle of friends.


Dec 24 1898

Daily British Whig




VanAlstine -



VANALSTINE-DAFOE - At the Western Methodist church, on Dec., 30th, by Rev. S.T. Bartlett, Clarence E. VanAlstine, of North Fredericksburgh, to Ida Blanche Dafoe, Richmond.


VANALSTINE-DAFOE – In Napanee, on Dec. 30th, Clarence E. Vanalstine, North Fredericksburgh, to Ida Blanche Dafoe, Richmond.


Jan 1 1904

Napanee Beaver


Jan 7 1904

Weekly British Whig

Vanalstine -



The Sillsville church was the scene of a very interesting event on Christmas morning in the marriage of Miss Ella Young, second daughter of David Young, to Elliott Vanalstine, of Napanee. The bride was assisted by her sister, Miss Marie Young, while the groom was supported by A.E. Douglass, Napanee. Only the immediate friends of the family were present. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. E.S. Shorey. A large number of costly and elegant presents were received by the bride and after partaking of the wedding breakfast the happy couple took the 1:36 o'clock train for Montreal and other eastern towns, carrying with them the good wishes of a host of friends.


Dec 31 1894

Weekly British Whig

Vancleek -



MARRIED - At Bath on the 3rd inst by the Rev. J. Stoughton, Mr. Jacob Vancleek to Miss Mary Ann McDermott, both of Bath.


June 2 1835

British Whig

Vandewater –



VANDEWATER-JEWELL – On March 19th, George Edward Vandewater, South Fredericksburgh to Jennie Jewell, Adolphustown.


Mar 27 1890

Weekly British Whig

Vandewater -



 A very happy event occurred on 4th October, the marriage of Miss May, only daughter of Wm. H. Loyst to Alvin S. Vandewater, both of South Fredericksburgh. Miss Doller, of Morven acted as bridesmaid, and Wellington Loyst as groomsman.  Mr. Vandewater is a wealthy young farmer.


Oct 9 1888

Daily British Whig

VanDyck –



VanDYCK-DICKSON – On Nov 3rd, at Wooler, Mary Letitia, elder daughter of R. James and Mrs. Dickson, Sillsville to Ross Taverner VanDyck, only son of Frank H. and Mrs. VanDyck, Bath.


Nov 25 1925

Daily British Whig

VanDyck –



Miss Anna, daughter of Alfred Taverner, Adolphustown, was married on Monday to Mr. Vandyke, of the same township.


Oct 29 1894

Daily British Whig

Vanhorn -



John A. Vanhorn, of Sophiasburgh and Miss Catherine A. Huyck, of North Fredericksburgh, were married at the Western Methodist church by the Rev. J.J. Rae on May 9th.


May 11 1894

Daily British Whig

VanLuven -



A quiet wedding was held in Sillsville United Church on Saturday, August 24th, 1935, when Vera, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morley B. Whyte, was married to Mr. Arthur VanLuven, son of Mr. Harry VanLuven, Napanee. Rev. Gordon Gardiner officiated. The bridal march was played by Miss Jean Robertson, of Gosport. The bride's costume was an ensemble of sheer crepe in copenhagen blue with white accessories, and white hat, and she carried a bouquet of white cinerarias and moncton and pink gladioli. Immediately after the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. VanLuen left on a motor trip to Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec, retuning by way of the Northern States. They will reside on the groom's farm, near Napanee.





VanVlack -



On 4th Feb., the marriage of John VanVlack, Prince Edward, to Charlotte Ann Dieteman, Adolphustown, occurred. After congratulations and good wishes the table, ladened with toothsome viands was surrounded.


Feb 9 1891

Daily British Whig

Venton -



Married - Venton-Baker - On the 12th ult., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J.E. Thurlow, Mr. Henry Venton of Adolphustown, to Miss Lizzie, daughter of Mr. James H. Baker, of Cataraqui.


Feb 16 1891

Daily British Whig

Vickers -



FORMER NEWBURGH GIRL WEDS MILLIONAIRE - The marriage of Mr. A. A. Vickers and Miss Marcella G. Finn, by Rev. Father Donovan, in St. Andrew’s R.C. Church, Port Arthur, at 11 o’clock Wednesday morning, January 14th 1914, was the big topic of conversation in Fort William and Port Arthur that day. Mr. Vickers is one of the best known men in the two cities.  He is a millionaire, his hospitality is proverbial, and his beautiful home at the corner of Catharine and Ridgeway streets has been the scene of many jolly occasions for his numerous friends.  One of the most likable men, his hospitality is so great that his settling down beside the domestic hearth is regarded almost a calamity by his bachelor associates.  Mr. A.A. Vickers occupies a very prominent place in the business life of Fort William.  He is one of the largest owners of property, both here and in the surrounding country.  He was for a time a member of the Board of Education and has served on other public bodies.  The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Finn, 336 Foley Street, Port Arthur.  For some considerable time she was employed as stenographer by the firm of Vickers & Moffatt, of which Mr. Vickers is the head.  She is a very attractive young lady and her social position as the wife of Mr. A. A. Vickers  will be at the pinnacle aimed at by all the socially ambitious, but achieved by few. The couple left for a honeymoon trip in the east on the morning train - Daily News, Port Arthur, January 14.  Miss Finn was formerly of  Newburgh, Ont., and is well known in this vicinity. - Ed.



From the Watson Scrapbooks

Vincent -



On Wednesday, December 12th, 1934, at Trinity United Church parsonage, Napanee, by Rev. harry Pawson, Mary Ellen Huff, of Adolphustown to Alton Lincoln Vincent, Picton.


Dec 19 1934

Napanee Beaver

Vine -



Homer Edwardrow Vine, age 21, Res: Napanee, b. Tp. of Richmond, Bachelor, Truck Driver, U.C.C., son of Clarence Vine & May Miles.

Sarah Elizabeth King, age 19, Res: Adolphustown, b. Coleraine, Ireland, Spinster, U.C.C., dau. of David King & Bessie King.

Married at Conway, October 17th, 1939 by G. A. Puttenham, Bath

Witnesses:  Mrs. Miles L. Vine, Napanee, Ont. & Mr. Miles L. vine, Napanee, Ont.


Methodist Marriage Records

Conway - Adolph.


Visser -



At Hay Bay, on 20th inst., D. Visser, of Norvan, to Georgie, daughter of Nelson Woodcock, of Hay Bay.


Jan 29 1887

Daily British Whig