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Lafom -



In Kingston, on the 17th instant, by the Revd. Edwy Ryerson, MR. JAMES LAFOM, of Ernestown to MISS MARTHA FISK, second daughter of Mr. Milton Fisk, of the same place.


Nov 27 1844

Kingston Chronicle & Gazette

Laird -



Married - In Adolphustown, on the 2nd inst., John Laird of Picton, to Sarah M., eldest daughter of Robert Collins, of Adolphustown.


Aug 10 1880

Daily British Whig

Lakens -




MARRIED - At Bath, on the 23rd  ult, by the Rev. John Stoughton, Mr. Joseph Lakens to Miss Sarah Gaylord, both of Ernest Town.


Sept 3 1831



Lasher -




A quiet wedding was solemnized at the Conway parsonage, by the Rev. H.F. Sanders, B.A. on Saturday, September 8th, when Sarah Marjorie Keys, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Keys of Sandhurst, was united in marriage to Ross Allen Lasher of Sillsville.

This popular young couple are favorably known in the Napanee district, where the bride has taught school in the Sillsville, Sand Hill and Sandhurst districts. A large circle of friends in all these neighborhoods join in wishing the happy coupe congratulations.

After a wedding trip to New  York and Pennsylvania, the young folks will reside in the Sandhurst community.


[Sillsville] The many friends of Mr. and Mrs Ross A. Lasher met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Morley Creighton on Tuesday evening last and surprised them with the gift of a beautiful cabinet of silver and two pairs of salts and peppers. Miss Fannie Mellow read the address and Misses Hilda and Mary Creighton presented the gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Lasher thanked their friends, and a dainty lunch was then served. Mrs. Lasher (nee Marjorie Keyes) taught Sillsville School three years. Both young people are very popular.


Sept 12 1934

Napanee Beaver


Nov 14 1934

Napanee Beaver

Lasher -



Fredk Bidwell Lasher, [signed Frederick Bidwell Lasher] Age 23, Res: So. Fredericksburgh (Sillsville), b. Sillsville, Bachelor, Farmer, Methodist, son of M. B. Lasher & Georgina Vandewaters.

Cora Wagar, [signed Cora Lousia Wagar],  age 20, Res: So. Fredericksburgh (Parma), b. So. Fredericksburgh, Spinster, Methodist, dau of George B. Wagar & Agnes G. Cole.

Married at So. Fredericksburgh November 29th, 1899 by [NOT GIVEN]

Witnesses:  Ford Trumpour, Dorland & Ethel Oneta Wagar, Parma


Methodist Marriage Records

Conway - Adolph.


Lawrence -



LOYST - LAWRENCE - On Tuesday morning, Aug 20th, Miss Helen Augusta Loyst was married to Mr. William Eldin Lawrence, a prosperous young farmer near Sydenham.  The happy event took place at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Loyst, at Hawley.  Mrs. Loyst is seriously ill but particularly wished that the marriage might not be postponed on her account, so it was quietly solemnized by Rev. Rural Dean Dibb, in the presence of the immediate friends only.  The bride is highly esteemed for her quiet demeanor and sterling character, and best wishes go with her and her handsome young husband for their future happiness.


From the Watson Scrapbooks

Lawson -



A Romantic Marriage

Quite a romantic marriage was celebrated here on Tuesday evening, the contracting parties being Mr. Wm. Lawson and Mrs. Nancy Ann McCabe, relict of the late Michael McCabe of this place. For some months the fair bride, who is upwards of sixty years of age, has been in her dotage, her mind running entirely on marriage. She did not hesitate to enter into conversation with men, and especially young me, on any occasion when opportunity offered, and made no secret of her desire to again be encircled by the golden chains of wedlock. this fact coming to the ears of Mr. Lawson (who was a beau of Mrs. McCabe 25 years age) and being a widower himself, he wrote to the old dame, asking for her hand and heart. She replied, freely giving up these treasures into his keeping. it was arranged that he should come down on Monday to have the ceremony performed, and in order that he should know his affianced on his arrival it was arranged that she was to stand on the platform and hold up his letter. He did not come on Monday, but on Tuesday arrived, and the marriage was performed by Mr. Snider the same evening. A crowd of boys accompanied the couple to their home, and entering with them made such a disturbance that a neighbor went and took them to his own house. The happy pair left for Colborne on Thursday night. It is said that the groom is a well-to-do farmer.


May 20 1882

Napanee Standard




LAZIER – CLARK – On Aug. 8th, 1921, at the Parsonage, Melville, by Rev. D. G. Mounteer, Annie Viola Clarke and George Russell Lazier, both of Consecon.



From the Watson Scrapbooks

Leavens -



LEAVENS-BOX - In Kingston on January 1st, 1936, at St. George's Cathedral, by the Rev. James c. Dixon, uncle of the groom, Edith Elizabeth Roberts Box, Reg. Nurse, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Hugh Box, of Napanee R.R., to Dr. Chas. Hudson Leavens, of Picton, son of Mrs. Leavens and the late Charles C. Leavens, of Belleville.





Lee -



MARRIED - On the 14th inst., LEVI LEE to MARGARET COOMER both of Ernest Town.




Jan 18 1817

Lenea -



The Napanee Beaver gives the following account of the marriage of a Kingston septuagenarian: "Maple Grove, the residence of J.R. Dennee, South Fredericksburgh, presented a very lively scene on the 8th inst., when about forty guests assembled to witness the marriage of Miss Aggie Dennee to Edward Lenea, of Kingston. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Maud Dennee, and the groom by his nephew, H. Macon, of Picton. A large number of beautiful and costly presents were given to the bride. After justice had been done to a sumptuous wedding breakfast the happy couple, accompanied by a number of friends, drove to the Ernesttown station, where they took the train for San Francisco, Cal, where they intend to spend the winter."


Sept 20 1885

Daily British Whig

Lewis –



LEWIS-BRADSHAW – At Deseronto, on Oct. 28th, Joseph L. Lewis to Miss Maud Bradshaw, both of North Fredericksburgh.


Nov 4 1908

Daily British Whig

Lewis -




A quiet wedding was solemnized at St. Mary Magdalene's Church, Napanee, on Saturday evening, November 28th, 1942 at 8:30 o'clock, when Archdeacon R.J. Dumbrille united in marriage Nora Catherine, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. George Daverne, of Adolphustown to William Gasper, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Lewis, of Napanee. The attendants were Miss Betty Hogston of Napanee and Mr. H.J. Knuth, of Debert, N.S.

After the ceremony the happy couple left for a short trip and on their return will reside in Napanee.


Dec 9 1942

Napanee Beaver

Lloyd -



Herb Lloyd, of this place, was united in the bonds of matrimony with Miss Maud Fitchett. the bride received many valuable presents.


Dec 13 1895

Napanee Beaver

Lloyd -



On the 11th Aug., in Napanee, Mr. John R. Lloyd to Miss Sarah Galt, both of South Fredericksburgh.


Sep 2 1875

Weekly British Whig

Lloyd -



At Napanee, on June 30th, Mr. J. Lloyd of South Fredericksburgh, to Miss Clara Lynn of the same place.


July 3 1880

Daily British Whig

Lloyd -



Edward L. Lloyd, age 24, Res: South Fredericksburgh, b. South Fredericksburgh, Bachelor, Farmer, Methodist, son of Louis Lloyd & Rhoda Evans.

Hannah E. Wilson, age 20, Res: South Fredericksburgh, b. Norfolk England, Spinster, Methodist, dau. of William Wilson & Barbara Parmer.

Married at S. Fredericksburgh, November 22, 1905 by W. S. Boyce, Minister, Methodist.

Witnesses:  James Frances, Adolphustown &  Julia Carroll, S. Fredericksburgh.


LLOYD-WILSON – At Conway, on Nov 22nd, Edward L. Lloyd to Hannah E. Wilson, both of South Fredericksburgh.


Methodist Marriage Records

Conway - Adolph.



Dec 2 1905

Daily British Whig

Lochhead -



GOLDEN WEDDING -  On Sept. 30th, 1857, Mr. James S. Lochhead of Camden was united in marriage to Miss Eliza Ann Baker, by the late Rev. Gifford Dora.  They settled in Centreville, where they now reside.  A family of four sons and four daughters grew up around them and God greatly prospered  them in material things, so that they were enabled to educated their family for positions of trust and responsibility.  On the 30th of Sept. 1907, three sons and two daughters with their families and several old neighbours and friends gathered in the old happy home to celebrate the golden anniversary of their wedding day.  After a sumptuous dinner, suitable addresses were given by the three sons, Rev. R. Allin, their pastor and others.  A gold headed ebony cane, suitably engraved, was presented to the father, and a purse of gold to the mother by the children.  The gifts indicted the strength of the family affection. Mr. and Mrs. Lochhead have been for nearly half a century members of the Methodist Church at Centreville and are held in the highest respect by the entire community.  Their three sons, Andrew of Hamilton, William of Berlin and Mortimer at home are respected citizens, and useful members of the church, while their daughters, two in Vancouver B. C., one in Peterboro’ and one at home are serving the God of their fathers, and honoring the parental name.  One very dear and much prized son, Bert, died some years ago in far off Manilla, Phillipine Islands, and was greatly missed.  The aged couple are hale and hearty and able to superintend their cosy home.



Newspaper Clipping

Logan -




LOGAN - BADMAN -  On Monday, 7th inst., by  the Rev.  W. R. Young, at the residence of the  bride’s father, John W. Logan, Esq., of Napanee, to Victoria, only daughter of Joshua Badman, Esq., of South Fredericksburgh.

[NOTE - Assume bride’s surname is “Cadman”]


Sept 16 1885

The Christian Guardian

Long -



WEESE - LONG -  At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Weese a quiet but pretty wedding was solemnized on Wednesday morning, Feb. 11th, 1914, when their eldest daughter, Janet Katharine (Nettie) was united in marriage to Russel H. Long, son of Sanford Long, Tamworth.  At eight o’clock, the groom, attended by Kenneth Stinson, entered the parlor.  Following them was the bridesmaid, Miss Mabel Weese, sister of the bride. Immediately afterwards the bride entered, accompanied by her brother, Kenneth.  While the bride and groom, with their assistants, stood under an evergreen arch trimmed with pink chrysanthemums, the ceremony was performed by Rev. E. W. Rowland.  The bride was gowned in white embroidered net over ninon, and carried pink roses.  The bridesmaid was gowned similar, also carrying pink roses.  After the ceremony and congratulations, the wedding party left amid showers of rice and old shoes, to take the 1.17 train at Napanee for Hastings and other western points.





Long -



LONG - WRIGHT -  On the 23rd ult., by the Rev. H. McDowell, assisted by Revs. Messrs. Mahan and Wright, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Innisfil, Andrew Gartley Long, to Lydia Maud, daughter of Stewart Wright, Esq., and sister of Rev. Stewart Wright, of the Toronto Methodist Conference.


Oct 7 1885

The Christian Guardian

Longmore -



FEE - LONGMORE -  At the residence of the bride’s mother, Camden East, July 18 1900, by the Rev. J. Gandier assisted by Rev. Wm.  Fee, M.A., of Merrickville, MaBelle Fee, daughter of the late Robert Fee, of Camden East to Howard Bruce Longmore, high school teacher of Alexandria, Ont.



From the Watson Scrapbooks

Lott -



LOTT-LLOYD - At Tamworth United Church parsonage by Rev. W.H. Truscott, on Saturday, October 11th, 1941, Kathleen may, daughter of Mrs. Lloyd, Sillsville, and the late Edward Lloyd, to Aircraftsman Gerald Lott, Yorkton, Sask., son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lott, Tamworth.


A quiet wedding took place at the Tamworth United Parsonage on Saturday, October 11, when Rev. W.H. Truscott united in marriage Kathleen may, daughter of Mrs. Lloyd, Sillsville, and the late Edward Lloyd, and Aircraftsman Gerald Lott, Yorkton, Sask., son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lott, Tamworth. The bride and groom were attended by the bride's sister, Gladys Lloyd and the groom's brother, Donald Lott. The bride was attractively dressed in blue crepe with velvet trim and wore matching accessories. The bridesmaid was in flowered crepe and both bride and bridesmaid carried bouquets of gladiolus.

Following the wedding ceremony a dinner was served to members of the families at the home of the bride's mother, at Sillsville. Later, Mr. and Mrs. Lott left for Yorkton, Sask., where the groom is now stationed.


Oct 29 1941

Napanee Beaver

Loucks -



Loucks-Clarke - On Oct. 30th, Richard Loucks, Napanee, to Mrs. Emma Clarke, Fredericksburgh.


Nov 22 1888

Daily British Whig

Loucks -



Married - At Napanee, on July 10th, Mr. M. Loucks, of North Fredericksburgh to Miss Emma J. Shuman, of Napanee.


July 17 1880

Daily British Whig

Low -



Married - At Hay Bay, on Wednesday the 5th inst., by the Rev. Job Deacon, Richard Low, Esq. to Miss Elizabeth Maine, both of that place.


Mar 11 1828

Upper Canada Herald

Lowe -



LOWE - LEITH -  St. Catharines,  June 22 - (Special) - First United Church, lovely with roses and marguerites, was the scene of a charming wedding when Lillian May, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Leith was married to Baden Powell Lowe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lowe.  Rev. J. A. P. Gilchrist officiating.  The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a straight line gown  of satin face Canton embroidered with pearls.  A butterfly bow of tulle was fastened at one side, and her bridal veil of embroidered tulle fell from a coronet of pearls and orange blossoms.  She carried a shower bouquet of Sweetheart roses and lily of the valley.  Carrie Leith was maid of honor, and the bridesmaids were Miss Rose Jeeves and Miss Elsie Leith.  The little Misses Dorothy Brackett and Lavinia McMillan of Niagara Falls, N.Y., made sweet little flower girls.  Dewitt Lowe was his brother’s groomsman and Ralph Massie and Chauncey Roberts were the ushers.  Following a reception and wedding breakfast, Mr. and Mrs. Lowe left for Buffalo and other points, the bride travelling in a smart frock of powder blue georgette with accordion pleated wrap of the same material and hat to match.  They will reside in St. Catharines. 


The Globe,


June 23, 1925

Loynes -



A quiet by pretty wedding was celebrated on Monday morning, Sept. 4, at the home of Mrs. Carter Bloomfield, the contracting parties being Miss Ruth Bird, sister of Mrs. Carter, and Mr. Shore Loynes of Napanee.  The ceremony took place in the drawing room, which was beautifully decorated with plants and flowers, the color scheme being white and green  The bride was gowned in her travelling suit and was attended by Miss Wright of Picton.  The service was performed by Rev. D. S. Houck (resident pastor). Her presents were many and beautiful.  After the ceremony the guests partook of a daintily prepared breakfast.  The bride and groom took a trip west and on returning will reside in Napanee.


From the Watson Scrapbooks

Loynes -



At Adolphustown, by the Rev. R. Harding, Shore Loynes, of Kingston to Carrie E., eldest daughter of J. Chalmers Esq., of Adolphustown.


May 18 1882

Daily British Whig

Loyst -



LOYST-BUCK - At the Bay Parsonage, South Napanee, on Tuesday, March 10th, 1914, at 4 p.m., by Rev. Geo. Nickle, Mrs. Geo. W. Loyst and Mrs. Mary W. Buck, both of South Fredericksburgh.





Loyst -



Marriages - Creighton-Loyst

At the residence of the bride's father, Hawley, on Wednesday evening, 4th December, by Rev. H.S. Spence, Miss Carrie Eva, oldest daughter of Mr. F.W. Creighton, and Mr. Geo. M. Loyst, of Bath.


The wedding of Miss Carrie Creighton, daughter of Frederick Creighton, North Fredericksburgh, and George M. Loyst, Bath, took place last evening at the residence of the bride's father. About fifty invited guests were present. the bride was remembered by her friends with many handsome and useful gifts. The groom is a well known farmer near Bath, and the young couple will reside there.


Dec 11 1901

Napanee Star


Dec 5 1901

Daily British Whig

Loyst -



Married - At the Methodist Episcopal parsonage, Napanee, November 7th by the Rev. I.B. Aylsworth, B.A., Mr. Abram Loyst to Miss Alice M. Dupree, both of Fredericksburgh.


Nov 14 1867

Napanee Standard

Loyst -



LOYST-FIELDS - At the Bay parsonage, April 19th, by the rev. S. Crookshanks, John Egerton Loyst, of S. Fredericksburgh, to Bertha Maud, daughter of the late John Fields, of N. Fredericksburgh


Gretna - On Wednesday a very pretty wedding party was seen wending their way to the parsonage of the Rev. Crookshank's. the contracting parties were Miss Maud Fields, of Gretna, and Mr. John Loyst, of Parma. The bride was becomingly attired in a handsome Tweed suit, trimmed with seal brown satir, and wore a princess hat and was assisted by her cousin, Miss Hattie Fields who looked charming in a suit of pale blue cashmere trimmed with ribbon and lace. Mr. Hiram Clute, of Sillsville, ably discharged the duty of groomsman. the groom is a very promising young farmer, of Parma, while the bride is one of our most popular young ladies and will be greatly missed in social circles. The groom's present to the bride was a beautiful gold watch. We extend congratulations.


year not given



Loyst -



LOYST-GALE - At Trinity Parsonage, Napanee, on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, 1920, by Rev. Dr. Shorey, Mr. Cecil C. Loyst, of North Fredericksburgh, and Miss Gladys H. Gale, of Napanee.





Loyst –



On Wednesday, Miss Lillie, eldest daughter of James Gallagher, South Fredericksburgh, was united in marriage to George Loyst, Rev. F.T. Dibb officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Loyst left for a honeymoon to Toronto, Niagara Falls and other points.


Oct 23 1908

Daily British Whig

Loyst -



LOYST -GAULT - AT the Western Methodist parsonage on Wednesday, December 18th, 1907, by Rev. J.R. Real, Mr. Henry Loyst, of South Fredericksburgh, to Miss Ruby Bell Gault, N. Fredericksburgh.





Loyst -



LOYST-HAWLEY - At the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Napanee, on Wednesday, Nov. 1st, 1899, by the Rev. A. Jarvis, Rector, William Charles Loyst, of Bath to Almira Hawley, of Napanee.


Loyst -



Loyst - Huffman - On Feb. 13th, Maggie Angelina, youngest daughter of Hiram Huffman, North Fredericksburgh, to Arthur Bismarck Loyst, South Fredericksburgh.


Feb 21 1895

Weekly British Whig

Loyst -



LOYST-LITTLE - At Conway parsonage, on Thursday, July 23rd, 1942, by Rev. K. Crawford, Kathleen Marie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Little, Haileybury, to Morley Percival, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Loyst, Sillsville.


July 29 1942

Napanee Beaver

Loyst -



Russell - Loyst

A very pleasant event took place at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Russells, Richmond, on Tuesday the 5th inst., it being the marriage of their only daughter, Miss Martha J. to Mr. Ernest William, youngest son of Mr. Wm. H. Loyst, South Fredericksburgh. The bride looked charming attired in cream colored cashmere as she was escorted into the parlor by her father. Miss A. English acted as bridesmaid, the groom being assisted by his cousin, Mr. G.M. Loyst, of Ernestown. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. W. Limbert in the presence of about sixty immediate relatives and friends. After the ceremony the company repaired to the dinner room where an elaborate feast was provided. After ample justice had been done to this the bridal party took the midnight express for Toronto, Niagara, Buffalo and other points west to spend their honey moon. The bride was the recipient of many very useful presents, which showed the very high esteem in which she is held.


Sept 15 1899

Napanee Express

Loyst -



On the 7th inst., James L. Loyst, of South Fredericksburgh, to Anna, daughter of Wm. H. Kennedy of Napanee.


July 11 1879

Daily British Whig

Loyst -



Stewart Loyst, age 28, Res: Kingston, b. Belleville, Bachelor, Farmer, U.C.C., son of Jay Loyst & Florence Rosborough.

Anna Elizabeth Sills, age 19, Res: Kingston, b. Sillsville, Spinster, U.C.C., dau. of Percival Sills & May Tuttle.

Married at Conway, February 10th, 1940, by G. A. Puttenham, Minister, Bath.

Witnesses:  Grace Magee, Sillsville, Ont. & G. R. Stalker, Adolphustown, Ont.


Methodist Marriage Records

Conway - Adolph.


Lucas -



Married at Fredericksburgh

There was a large gathering of friends and relatives of John Smith, North Fredericksburgh, on Wednesday evening, the occasion being the marriage of his only daughter, Ida, to B.A. Lucas, Grand Trunk telegraph operator, Belleville. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. M. Jewell. The bride, who was tastefully attired in pale blue satin trimmed with cream lace, looked charming, and had as maids Miss M.E. Smith, of Croydon, and Miss S. Vrooman, of Napanee. The bridegroom was supported by the bride's brother, W. Smith and S.J. Osborn, of Belleville. After the ceremony the company, which numbered sixty, sat down to a most recherche supper. The happy couple took their departure on a tour to Niagara Falls.


Oct 1 1885

Weekly British Whig

Luffman -



LUFFMAN-SMITH - On Friday evening Nov. 25th 1904 by Rev. J.R. Real at the Western Methodist parsonage, Mr. John Luffman of S. Fredericksburgh to Miss Tillie Smith of Napanee.


Dec 2 1904

Napanee Express

Lunau -



LUNAU - TAYLOR - On the 2nd inst., by the Rev. G. Clark, at the Methodist Church, Midland, Mr. John Jacob Lunau, of the township of Markham, to Miss Abigail Allenia Augusta, daughter of Rev. Charles Taylor, of Midland.


March 9 1887

The Christian Guardian

Lynch -



LYNCH - BROOKS - On Wednesday, Aug. 20th, by the Rev. J. H. Oke, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. Michael Lynch, to Miss Mary Ann Brooks, all of Coe Hill, Wollaston.


Oct 7 1885

The Christian Guardian