By Gwendolyn M. Smith
published September 1, 1993

Research and documentation confirmed a windmill was constructed on the Bay of Quinte shore adjoining the Upper Gap. This windmill also served a military use against the American Fleet during the War of 1812.

Book dimensions: 8 1/2" x 11" with a soft cover. The book comprises 16 pages written on one side only. There is also a sketch of the remains of the tower and a plan showing the operating parts of a windmill. Included is an early map of the district.


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Excerpt from the book on it's builder:

Howell came to Fredericksburgh around 1785 and built a windmill. He remained in Fredericksburgh for 12 years, moved to Sophiasburgh and sold his Fredericksburgh property to a man named Russell. The windmill was considered to be the first mill propelled by wind as a power in Upper Canada.

Original Location of Mill

Lot 15, 1st. Concession of South Fredericksburgh. Just West of County Road 8 near the current Hydro Plant location.