Hayburn 1911 By Ruth Dickson, Jean and Donald Hough

Ruth Dickson, a long time resident of the area, has recorded her memories of the Hayburn Community as a child and into her young adult years. The publication also contains property owners listed for the years 1911 and 1991.

The 21 pages include a district map and some 35 pictures of homes, school and church buildings and resident activities. The district map shows where each of some 33 families lived. Also included in the book are children's names and marriage information where it was available.

Diary of a One Room School (Hayburn) By Jane Hough

Prepared as part of a university correspondence course on Canadian Studies. The book describes the events that occurred in the 1915-16 school year as viewed by the school building. The book comprises 18 pages with text on one side and 7 pictures of buildings and students.

Names include:

Benn, Brooks, Carroll, Dafoe, Diamond, Dickson, Embury, Furse Graham, Hines, Howitson, Loyst, Magee, Peters, Rikely, Sharpe, Sills, Sole, Spencer, Thompson, Wagar, White, Whitmarsh, Wickett


The Hayburn Community extended along the South Shore of Hay Bay in the Township of South Fredericksburgh.
The two former books have been reproduced together.  8 ½  x 11 softcover


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