Gravestones in Sillsville Cemetery



Ernest 1914 –1964

His Wife  Lillian Lloyd  1914-

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Wm. J. Asselstine  1861-1913

His Wife  Emma E. Sills  1856-1924

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David Harold  June 3 1961-Jan 3 2009

Hunter, Fisherman, Carpenter

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Mother Mabel May (Kay) Langton  1924-1981

Father  Harold F. Bilow 1917-1982

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Linda H. Nee Millikin

Feb 18 1941-Nov 29 2004

Mother of  Darin Barb &Randy

Nan of Ryan & Cody

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Thomas Carroll 1856-1927

His wife  Lucy Lloyd  1854-1940

Their son Thomas 1891-1946

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Edward Robert  Sept 19 1940-

Joan F. Darlington  Nov 24 1939-Apr 3 2006

Married April 6 1960

Parents of Wendy, Debbie, Sandy & Eddie

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Rodney George Dove

1 September 1921-

0 October 2005

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In Memory of

William Doyle  1867-1948

His Wife  Justina Burnett  1869-1942

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To the Memory of

Florence Dunivan

Native of Cloonnakity  County Cork Ireland

Who departed this life

3 November 1827  Aged 64 Years

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Wife Della Scharf  1915-1994

Husband Emery A  1918-2005

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Isabel Hough Wife of Wm. German

Mar 16 1841-Oct 18 1871

Geo Milton German

Jan 7 1867- Feb 14 1885

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Walter George

February 16 1910 - July 1 1993

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Father Sako (Sam) Greydanus  1936-2001

Mother  Sylvia Kloostra  1940-

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Val Elizabeth Hanbidge

Wife of Michael George Keast

Born January 9 1954

Died January 2 1979

Following a car accident on New Years Day

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Rena MacKay  1915-1994

Beloved wife of

Harold James  1920-2004

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In memory of

Robert Walter Dawson Hanbidge  Apr 5 1925-

His wife Mary Elizabeth Vallentyne  Apr 5 1923-May 12 1998

And Family

Catherine Anne Hanbidge  Daughter Born 1948

Robert John Hanbidge  Son Born 1950

Susan Joan Scot Dron  Robert’s Wife Born 1949

Val Elizabeth Hanbidge  Daughter Born 1954


Mary Ellen Hanbidge  Daughter Born 1958

Blake Eric Heath Cote  Ellen’s Husband Born 1954

Elizabeth Ann Hanbidge Heathcote  Granddaughter Born 1989

Margret Jane Hanbidge Heathcote  Granddaughter Born 1992

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Duncan H. Hough  1855-1933

His Wife  Annie J. Mellow  1856-1933

Harold M. Hough  1890-1975

His Wife  Marion I. Magee  1894-1983

In memory of

Phyllis Hough Camm  1921-1971

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Donald H. Hough  1918-2008

His Wife  Jean Y. Trumpour  1921-1996

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John Wesley Hough  1849-1922

Martin Hough  May 7 1839-May 30 1899

Henry S. Hough  June 29 1843-Apr 18 1860

John G. Hough  May 23 1810-Mar 31 1868

Catherine Sharp  His Wife

Oct 18 1810-Feb 9 1901

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Martin L. Hough 1858-1938

Margaret M. McFarlane His Wife  1859-1937



Alma A. Hough

Wife of Roy E. Robertston 1889-1914

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Martin Hough  1814-1893

His Wife Anna M. Sharp 1825-1917

William B. Hough 1858-1934

His Wife Fannie Mellow 1863-1927

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Monika 1925-

Elmar 1915-2008

Born Estonia

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Edward L. Loyd

Died Mar 12 1891

Aged 39 Yrs 7 m

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Edward L. Lloyd  1890-1934

His Wife  Hannah E. Wilson  1885-1984

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Richard W. 1884-1958

Wilhemian  1892-1980

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Robert Lloyd

Private  RCASC


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Thomas 1873-1939

His Wife  Eva Fox 1877-1930

Ila  1909-1946

Maurice 1902-1974

His Wife  Pearl Sweet 1901-1958

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Thomas L. 1904-2000

Wife Lena Mary Babcock 1907-1981

Son James E. 1944-

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In Memory of William A.

Beloved husband of Bertha Matthews


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Muriel Essie Benn 1922-2009

Leslie William Mellow 1918-1995

Wed June 7 1941

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In Memoriam Samuel H. Mellow

Born Mar 30 1828  St. Stephens Eng.

Died Aug 11 1904

His Wife  Mary J.  1832-1910


Arthur & Elizabeth

Buried in Riverview Napanee

Parents of Hurbert A. 1916 Age 30 Days

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James Rennie


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In Memory of

George Herbert Rikely  1872-1943

His Wife Agnes Almeda Gilbert 1870-1946

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Donaldson Rikley  1853-

Minerva G. Gilbert His Wife 1859-

Herbert A. Rikley 1886-1887

Beatrice L. Rikley 1893-1894

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William T. Rikley  1816-1899

Margaret E. Sharp  His Wife 1815-1899

Jacob Rikley  1855-1876

Henry Rikley  1842-1884

Jane Rikley  1848-1881

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Bertha A. Sharp

Wife of James Rennie


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Abraham Sharp  1823-1903

Eleanor Huff  His Wife 1832-1874

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Sharpe  Photo Ican

George H. Sharpe Father 1856-1928 Photo Ican

 Amelia Sharpe Mother 1862-1940  Photo Ican

D. Rod Sharpe 1896-1962 Photo Ican

Helen F. Sharpe Kayler 1908-1999  Photo Ican



Henry Sharp

Died Aug 31 18— Aged 73 Years

[Broken Stone]

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Martin Luther Sharp  1861-1903

His Wife  Agnes M. Raworth  1869-1956

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Murray D 1948-

His wife Margaret A. 1948-

Their son Dean M. 1968-1980

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Donovan Sills

Born July 20 1826

 Died Mar 28 1896

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Eleanor A. Thompson

Wife of Donovan Sills

Who Died  May 12 1879

Aged -- Years

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In Memory of

Rev John Sills

Minister of the ME Church

Who Died  Dec 22 1858

Aged 52y 1 m 22d

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Morris Sills

Born Mar 17 1828  Died April 21 1906

Eleanor Hughes Sills

Born Sep 16 1829  Died June 20 1910

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Father Morris Andrew Sills 

6-21-17   7-9-87

Mother Thora Hawley Tuckett 

10-6-18   4-29-91

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Carla Dianne Sills Kimmett  10-6-41

Dallas Faye Sills Brown  6-26-43

Sybil Margaret Sills Humphries  9-23-49

Andrew Gordon Tuckett Sills  10-7-51

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Wilfred 1910-1997

His wife Ada 1920-1996

Louis 1941-

His wife Kathleen 1939-2008

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Garnett John

Gertrude Florence

Born Feb 23 1921  Died as Infants

Children of  Arthur J. & Florence G.

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George B. Wagar  1851-1933

His Wife  Agnes G. Cole 1849-1930

Frederick B. Lasher 1876-1952

His Wife  Cora L. Wagar 1880-1943

Wilfred R. Lasher 1904-1942

Ralph F. Lasher 1909-1953

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Donald A. 1870-1965

Margaret Ruttan  1881-1973

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A. J. Whitney  1852-1938

Adelia Sharp  Wife of Albert J. Whitney


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In Memory of

Morley B. Whyte  1873-1967

His Wife

Gertrude H. Gilbert  1873-1940

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G. Gordon 1929-

Theresa (Masci) 1931-

Their Beloved Son

Robert (Robbie) Gordon 1956-2009

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Frank Wilkinson  1921-2007

His Dear Wife

Edna Marion Roberts 1925-

Their Son Christopher Todd 1968-

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Carol Janet Uens Dec 8 1946-

Maurice Bertram

Apr 18 1941-Jan 29 2008

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David Young

Born 1839  Died  1930

Louisa Hough His Wife

Born 1845 Died 1938

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David Wesley

Born 1875  Died 1962

Ida May Johnston His Wife

Born 1873  Died 1962

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George Harold

Nov 7 1938-Jan 24 2002

His Wife Faye Patricia Owens Apr 28 1939-

Parents of Candy & Craig

Grandparents of Carla, Ellen & Phillip

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Carlton A. Young

B. 1891 D. 1894

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Elizabeth A. Young

B. 1869 D. 1872

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Harry Gordon 1889-1958

His Wife Eva G. Doyle  1895-1956

Kenneth Wm. 1917-

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John S. Young 1862-1947

His Wife

Eleanor V. Ryan 1861-1925

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Ross Carleton 1920-1955

Howard James 1926-1933

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R. Perry Young  1878-1971

His Wife Ethel M. Hough 1882-1978


In Memory of Their Son

Robert Arnold Young 1921-1991

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