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Erected 1792

2365 South Shore Road,

Adolphustown, Ontario

Adolphustown, Feb’y 3rd , 1792


Dear Friends and Brethren


    As Almighty God has been pleased to visit us in this wilderness land with the light of a preached Gospel, we think it requisite to build a Meeting-house or Church, for the more convenient assembling of ourselves together for social worship before the Lord.


    We do agree to build said church under the direction of William Losee, Methodist Preacher, our brother, who has laboured with us this twelve months past, he following the directions of the Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church;  or in his absence under the direction of any assistant Preacher belonging to the  Methodist Episcopal Church in Great Britain or America, sent from there by proper authority (such as the Bishop) to labour among us.   We do farther agree that no other Denomination or Society of People shall have any privilege or liberty to preach or teach in the said Methodist Church without the consent or leave of the assistant Methodist Preacher then labouring with us.  We do farther agree to build said church thirty-six feet by thirty feet, two stories high with a gallery in the upper story or second story.  Said house to be built on the North-West corner of Paul Huff’s lot of land, No. 18, third concession, Fourth town.


   We the subscribers, do promise to pay, or cause to be paid to the Directors towards the building of said church as it is wanting, the sums of money annexed to our names underneath where we have hereunto set our hands the date above written.


Paul Huff

Peter Frederick

Elizabeth Roblin

William Casey

Daniel Steel

Joseph Ellison

   William Green

William Ruttan

Solomon Huff

Stophel German

John Green

Peter Ruttan

Joseph Clapp

John Bininger

Conrad Vandusen

Henry Hover

Casper Vandusen

Arra Ferguson

Daniel Dafoe

Andrew Embury

Henry Davis

Wm. Ketcheson

Historical Plaque



---- 1792 ----

In 1791, William Losee, an itinerant preacher, organized

in this district the first Methodist circuit in Upper

Canada.  This Meeting House, Upper Canada’s first

Methodist chapel, was built in 1792.  Enlarged in 1834-35

it was used for worship until about 1860 after which it

served as a farmer’s storehouse.  In 1910 in recognition

of its historical significance, it was reacquired and

restored by The Methodist Church and is still used

for annual services by The United Church of Canada.


Erected by the Ontario Archaeological and Historic Sites Board



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