The Militia Ballot


“The militia balloting was finished yesterday, in the presence of Sheriff Corbett, His Honor Judge Draper, Sydney Warner, Esq., and the County Attorney. The following are the names of those drafted in Lennox and Addington.”



Are You Drafted?


   Since the balloting for the militia force commenced, not a little excitement is observable amongst those of the young men of the city who are liable for service. The universal question asked is “Are you drafted?” It is a totally erroneous idea to call it a draft; the latter is an Americanized expression and its similarity to that of our cousins on the other side of the line have made it in vogue here.

   It is a “Ballot,” not a draft; and in the Act the word “draft” is not mentioned. As many are in ignorance as to what is required of them when chosen among the service men, a few words may ease the minds of those who are liable to shoulder the musket.

   The militia force is divided into 1st class service men, 2nd class service men and reserve men.

   In the 1st are included those between the years of eighteen and forty-five, who are unmarried, or widowers without children.

   In the 2nd class are those between the same ages as first, but who are married men or widowers with children.

   The 3rd class, or reserve men, are those between forty-five and sixty years of age.

   Each battalion so organized shall continue so organized for a period of three years, when a new ballot takes place, the three years being counted from the time of actual service. As it is now, the rolls are very incomplete and arrangements must be made to obtain a more perfect assessment. There are of course a great many exemptions, such as officers and men of our volunteer force, &c, and all of which parties interested can see in the Statutes of 1863.


[Note: Spelling has been left as it appears in the newspaper]


George Murdoff

Gilbert Davis

John Drury

Michael McGoverne

Jacob Roblin

Wilkinson Dorland

John McGilvray, Jr.

Peter D. Davis

George M. German

Arnold Haight

Alfred Stratton

James Pull

Peter Young

Richard Long

Daniel Lee Daverne

Thomas Blair

William Bailey

Moses Parks

Stephen B. Allison

Thomas Bogart

Patrick Shirdy

John Fornier

William Thompson



Amherst Island

Hugh Adrien

Daniel Girven

Arthur Hitchins

Lyndhurst Burleigh

James Burleigh

William Gibson, Jr.

John Reed, Jr.

William Fowler

William Fleming

John N. Canhenny

John McMullen

Richard McCabe

Hugh Finnegan

William Wemp

Charles Howard

William Howard

Robert Reed

John Adrian

Alexander Gibson

Robert Henderson

James McAllister

Joseph M. Howard

Luke Costelle

Martin Kilty

William Dennis

William Carpenter

Robert Felston

George Baker

Allen Howard

James Stevenson

James Finley Jr.

John Gibson

Edward murray

William McQuoid

Robert Finlay

Allen McMullen



John Ganner

John Lynch

Francis Miller

John Phillips

C.W. Cummings





Bath (Village)

Byard Detlor

Henry Houghton

George Sobs

James Paul

J.E. Cooper

John Hopelton

Thomas Belfour

Daniel Campbell

Silas Burley

John Boyes

Timothy Buckley

Edward McKenty

George Sharp

Daniel Sharp

Charles Rogers

Henry Forward

John J. Johnston

Joseph Hartman





Stover Clark

Robert Card

James Driver

Hugh Close

George Wells

Thomas D. Lucas

Robert A. Weeks

R.J. Shetlor

Thomas Jackson

Jacob B. Clancey

George F. Miller

Joseph Doupe

Charles Brown

Ira Raymond

John Bell

Mathew Carroll

William Latmore

James Hayden, Jr.

Joshua Martin

Mathew Hill

Robert Switzer

James McEwen

Hugh Cambridge

William Hinchey

Robert Tomkins

Michael Caw

John Young

William Barratt

Wellington Caswell

William Weese

Michael O’Dea

Robert Harten

James Caldwell

Robert Cook

B. Lacey

John Marshall

John Millsap

Steward Millsap

James Milling

William Quick

John Dull

Simon Lawrence

Robert Tait

Mathew Clarke

Daniel Shougheny

Wesley Vanalstine

L. Lewis

Thomas Carscallan

Abel Scott

Norris Switzer

Charles Duncan

John A. Wartman

Thomas Kimmit

John Graham

Andrew Shannon

Seth C. Duncan

John Shane

Philip Hughes

Robert McNight

John Thompson

Bowen Lucas

Peter Wager

Alexander Vanalstine

Joseph Martin

John Walker

Robert Johnston

Thomas Clancy

W.J. McKeown

Philip Switzer

James Close

 Reuben Shetler

George Davy

William Nugent

Samuel Lew, Jr.

Paul Inglesley

Geroge Wagar

William Carrell

Peter Wartman

P. McKeoun

W.E. Price

William Morris

John Fingland

Charles Parsons

Peter Humes

Daniel Shannon

James Foster

Thomas Stinson

Israel Stewart

Henry Bowen

Mark Wilson

A. McAlley

Henry Craig

John A. Sproule

Coleman Cronk

Henry Milligan

James Robinson

Willet Benn

Silas Switzer

John Penny

John Vanluven

John Stewart

Andrew Benjamin

Isaac Johnston

Henry Purcell

Philip McGrath

Abram Boyce

Thomas Hinch

Patrick Whalen

Angus Emery

Sylvester Wartman

Joseph Hempton

Benson Babcock

Allan B. McDowell

James Monck

Roblin Wager

Jacob Shire

Thomas Haynes

Charles Wilde

Peter Lee

W. Dunlop

John Walroth

John Evans

Robert Shannon

Elias Thompson

Daniel Burgess

Michael Wesh

Robert Craig

Peter Carroll

Henry Hooper

William Shiler

Jordon Irish

James Rigretty

Alexander Irish

Samuel Dean

Stanley Clarke

Mathew McGregor

Isaac Shields

James Porter

Thomas Burgess

Robert Cox

William Wilson

Wilson Switzer

Alonzo Taylor

Augustine Harner

Robert McLachlan

Robert Fletcher

Eldon Allen

Hugh Davy

Stephen Amey

John O’Connor

Patrick Whalen

Daniel Shetlor

Thomas McGill

Philip Haskill

Johnston Brown

John Hanlin

James McGregor

Andrew McGregor

Meyers Danison

Nathaniel Hinchey

Edward Hinch

Alexander Grass

John Clancey, Jr.

George Lasher

Isaac Lockwood

Henry Graham

Henry Miller

John Wolfe

James Caw, Jr.

George Snider

Harvey Card

James Hinch, Jr.

Richard Shane

Richard Cook

Robert Sproule

William Ferguson

Hiram Dewitt

Muciel Wartman

W.J. Hamilton

Martin Shire

Patrick McKoy






Charles Kendall

Harvey Sales

George Daley

Charles Hagaboon

James Gray

Edward Silver

James Fleming

Joseph Morton

William Raworth

Levi Brown

Edward Hagerman

William H. Beaty

George A. Aylesworth

Garrath Barry

Dennis Andrew

James Fairfield

Sidney Fraser

Lewis Snider

William McDonnel

Hiram Stover

Samuel Bradshaw

William lake

David Dereyan

Robert Battie

Newton Bicknell

Douglas Bartels

John Donaldson

James Galee

Lawrence Hartman

Henry McGuire

Hector Close

Ezra Perd

Wesley Armitage

Abraham Fraser

Hiram Allen

George Bowman

John Storey

Charles B. Scouten

Ephraim Chenery

Lester Alyesworth

William Laidley

Landford Simmons

James Lucas

Ira S. Daley

Lawrence Hogoboon

Alpheus M. Darley

Edmond Switzer

Henry V. Fralick

Robert N. Switzer

Barratt Vanslyck

John Vent, Jr.

Robert M. Briscoe

John Johnston

Benjamin Briscoe

Albert A. Miller

Nathan F. Perry

Marcus Johnson

Thomas Morton

Wesley Parrett

William Redden

Simon P. Snider

Stephen Bennett

William Shirtliffe

Nelson Davy

Robert Snyder

John A. Percy

Charles Sterling

William Loughlin

William Grear

William Dewit

Ephraim Cady

Arnold Booth

Harvey Denyes

Samuel K. Miller

Augustus Shurtliff

James Smith

William H. Webster

Wesley Perd

James Johnson

Miles Valentine

George Watts

William Breden

James Dunham

Peter Aylesworth

Cumberlund Ashley

Billings Amey

William Eldridge

Thomas Rourke

William Marshall

Allen Phillips

James Dunyes

James Storms

Jacob Badcock

Mitchell Miller

Daniel Henwood Jr.

Isaac Benjamin

Edward Watts

Peter Thomas

John Dunyes

Charles Bates

William Barrett

Hugh Brown

Elan Allen

William H. Switzer

Alexander Johnston

Miles Parrott

Patrick Caffee

Isaac McEwen

Daniel Clement

Archibald Storms

Ezra Close

Edmond Fralick

Charles H. Clack

Finlay Joseph McGuire

William H. Hoyle

Martin McKim

Jeremiah Fitzsimmons

Richard Wilson

E.M. Fralick

Billings Hawley

James Asselstine

Ebenezer Johnson

James Ross

James C. Frazer

Peter E.R. Miller

Christopher Switzer

Valentine Stover

Miles snider

J.W. Cull

Wellington Lapum

James Perry

Henry Benjamin

James Shorey

Colman McRory

Robert B. Aylesworth

Hiram Derbyshire

Wesley Babcock






Thomas Morton

E.F. Scouten

John Forbes

Walter Thompson

Robert Bryden

Daniel Bourk

C.R. Flint

Mathew Barr

Joseph Bareall

Samuel Ellis

Ajir Prince

Abraham Alport

Jesse Armstrong

William Gray

William Ellis

Fitcher Empey

James A. Jayne

Henry Alport

Thomas Cassady

John Arney

John Barr

Joseph Morton

Eben Reuthan

Andrew Reed

B.F. Smith

John Publes

Richard Sedere

Z. York

William Barreal

Adam Poryden





Thomas G. Richardson

Thomas Smith

Robert Downey

Uriah Wilson

Thomas Dreyden

John Rennie

George Damey

A. Foster

George A. Stevenson

Thomas G. Richardson

John Vanalstine

William Savage

Thomas Scott

John H. Stevenson

Henry Perry

William F. Parrish

Michael Normels

James E. Richardson

William H. Webster

Michael Welsh

William Robinson

John C. Huffman

Thomas McGraw

John Garland

James Rennie

John Wilson

William Appleby

Charles Ham

Christopher Anderson

John Webster Jr.

Charles E. McBean

John W. Coll

James Carson

John McCoy

Thomas G. Davis

William H. Davey

George Croysdale

Peter Conger Jr.

Charlton Mills

Daniel R. Hawley

John A. Cliff

Charles Whitcomb

Henry R.H. Wilson

Frank Chatren

Horatio Fraser

Thomas Heney

William T. Gibbard

Michael Gleeson, Jr.

Henry Hooper

Charles Lovere

Daniel Patton



Newburgh (Village)

Shirley McLeod

John McAfee

Joseph Fullerton Jr.

Andrew Monta

George R. McMullen

Wesley Canniff

John Brown

Cornelius Sullivan

Benjamin Isbister

Peter McGuire

William Shorey

James Finzland

John Jackson

Morris B. Carscallan

Patrick McGuire Jr.

Sidney Burley

E.O. Lanfear

Joseph Long

William Nugent, Jr.

Hamel Deronet

William Black

Cyrenius Burley

John Grant

James H. Paul

Edward Long

William M. Paul

King Aylesworth

Robert Evans

Luke Carscallan





North Fredericksburgh

Edward Shiers

Stephen Wells

Nelson Woodcock

Peter Barnhart

Rufus A. Shorey

William Detlor

Richard Baker

Norris Shorey

James Lambert

Chester Harvell

Thomas Robinson, Jr.

Thomas Chambers

William H. Post

Nathan Briscoe

Baltus C. Sherman

John Carle

Sylvester Dupree

William Edgar

James Luffman

William H. Parks

James Vanalstine

Isaac Luffman

J.T.P. Gordanier

John Richardson

John W. Shorey

James Briggs

Daniel Allen Roblin

William Parks

Alexander McCoy

Samuel J. Miller

James Carscallen

Joshua L. Anderson

George Mair

John Edgar

John Smith

William H. Croff

Samuel Band

Maitland Chamberlain

Samuel Barnhart

John Getty

Augustus Keech

Colin Schriver

Enos Spencer

Henry A. Hawley

Jason Jackson

Nelson Keitch





John Benn

George Dean

Jacob Dafoe

Gordon D. Valleau

Egerton Bowen

John McConnell

Walter J. Jackson

Daniel E. Dennison

Douglass Nichols

John M. English

James Louglin

Paul Blute

Allen Grooms

Peter Couglin

Andrew J. Sixsmith

Marshall Schermerhorn

Peter Gould

William McConnell

Henry Wood

Alexander Sedore

Peter Cline

George Sweet

Daniel Green

William Sixsmith

John Marion

James R. Arnold

James Young

Robert Bomborn

John McMullen

George W. Valleau

Rufus Gould

Waldron Pringle

Thomas M. Carscallan

William Carscallan

William Demorest

Joseph Pringle

Jacob Cline

Daniel Weese

Isaac Patten

Alexander McConnell

Malcher Foles

Alexander  Grange

George Grange

Nathan Caton

Pearson Kerr

Craig Carscallan

Hiram N. Davis

John Arnold

John W. Sixsmith

Ezra H. Pringle

John Scott

Daniel Henderson

Theodore Williamson

William Simpson

William F. Hunt

James Demorest

Richard Pidgeon

Peter Conger

Daniel Cring

John J. Bush

Wilmot Nichols

James Cline

Jacob Schermerhorn

Alexander Hart

Sampson Hannah

James B. O’Hair

Thomas Sixsmith

John W. Dafoe

Archibald Oliver

Adam McAlister Jr.

Cornelius Donovein Jr.

John Mahood Jr.

Hugh O’Hair

John Hudson

John Phelan

Daniel Bush

Samuel Winters Jr.

William A. Pringle

John Wilson

Reuben Herns

William Haines

Thomas Givin Jr.

William Sixsmith

John S. Bowen

Simon Sixsmith

Alpheus Haines

John Bush

William Ganet

Joseph Sixsmith

Daniel McKim

Timothy Bell

Nednen Mephocles

William Storr

John Russell

Archibald Dunwoody

James O’Connor

William Martin

James H. Allison





James Scanlin

James Carlton

Benson King

William Scantling

George Waters Jr.

Henry Joyner

Charles Stewart

Francis Sandine

Joshua York

James Dowling

John Martin

Daniel Hooley

William H. Williams

George Bulger

Thomas McGuire

Henry Douglass

James Kirkpatrick

William Baxter

James McCormick

Joseph Thompson

John Burke

Samuel Evans

William Reid

Thomas Humphrey

Thomas Judge

Henry Shire

William H. Miller

William Becket

Patrick Dunn

Thomas Dowling

James Martin

Thomas Donovan

George Canada

Robert Youngs

Andrew Williams

Martin Anderson

John Dillon

John Huffman

William Milligan Jr.

Martin York

Peter Vaity

Peter Lacey Jr.

Patrick Lacey

Luke Bell

Andrew Huffman

Andrew Douglass

David Bell

Thomas Kirkpatrick

John Quinn

Ezekiel Thornton

Gilbert Harkness

Daniel York

Michael Flanagan

Roach Henry

John Kelpin, Jr.

Martin Byrnes

Charles Smith

John McMullan

Patrick Mellon

Martin Sherman

Jonathan White

John Baxter

John Gonyon

James Kelly

A.R. Aylesworth

William Anderson

R. Vandewaters

James Murphy

J. Aylesworth

James Hopkins

John Brewer

Patrick Flanagan

Timothy Butler

Andrew Prout

F. Wiseman

George Brown

Thomas Armstrong

Peter Conoly

Thomas Harkness

David Reid

Daniel Perry

William Oliver

Thomas Baxter



South Fredericksburgh

Robert B. Clark

James Gray

Donald Ham

Wm. Smith

John A. Clarke

Baltus C. Sherman

Philip L. Griffith

Wm. H. Embury

Charles Hawley

Sylvester Sills

Gamabel Cadman

Wm. Chambers

James Ironsides

James M. Fraser

Philip Loyst

James A. Diamond

Wm. H. Kikely

Amos Lloyd

Robert McLaughlin

Wm. Hawley

Nicholas Meyers

Arnold Green

Christopher Scrivier

James Fitchett

Martin Home Jr.

Robert McCarting

Albert Lucas

Marshall B. Ingersoll

Wm. H. Bristow

John Wilmer

George Lloyd

Daniel Morgan

Daniel Clute

John Harkins

Irwin Clapp

James A. Sloan

Wm. T. Nugent

James Galt

Henry Spearing

Stamford Brown

Robert Robinson

Wm. Gannon

James G. Embury

Jos. E. Yougs

Baldwin Brown

Moses Parks

Edward Green

John Griffith

Wm. T. Ham

Geo. G. Spencer