†† At a meeting of Directors of the Midland District Agricultural Society, held for the Counties of Lenox and Addington, at Napanee, 1st September, 1835.


†† John Church, Esquire, was called to the chair and George H. Detlor appointed Secretary.


†† The report from the several Township Directors for premiums awarded for the best farms were called for and submitted.


†† 1st Resolved - That Judges be appointed to view the Cattle &c., now offered fro premiums.


2d Resolved - That the reports of the different Township Directors be published, with the list of persons to whom premiums were awarded at the Cattle Show this day - and are as follows -


List of Persons to whom Premiums were awarded for the

best cultivated Farms in the several Townships:





1st Class200 acres and over

Lucas Sharp, 1st best.

John Bell, 2d do.

Sebastian Hogle, 3d do.


2d Class, 100 t0 200 acres

Conrad Johnson, 1st best.

Jacob Johnson, 2d do.

Martin Fralick, 3d do.


3d Class 50 to 100 acres

William Clough, 1st best.

Frederick Keller, 2d do.

Robert Baty, 3d do.


Judges - Ebenezer Perry, &c.





1st Class

Rev. Robt. McDowall, 1st best

Henry Ham, 2d do.

John Church 3d do.


2d Class

Isaac Ingersoll, 1st do.

David Williams, 2d do.

Jacob Detlor, 3d do.


3d Class

William Sloan, 1st do.

Elisha Sills, 2d do.

James Fitchett, 3d do.


Judges - Richard Ham, James Chamberlain, and John Davey.





1st Class

Willet W. Casey, 1st best

Peter V. Dorland, 2d do.

Rickerson Haight 3d do.


2d Class

Willet Casey, 1st do.

John Trumpour, 2d do.

Thos. Casey, 3d do.


3d Class

Orin Ranny, 1st do.

Henry Palen, 2d do.


Judges - Samuel Dorland, Jacob H. Harman, Orrin Ranny





1st Class

James Long, 1st best

Archibald Caton, 2d do.

Daniel McBride 3d do.


2d Class

Charles McDonald, 1st do.

Frederick A. Oliver, 2d do.

Patrick Dolan, 3d do.


3d Class

William Sager, 1st do.

Robert Brown, 2d do.

Samuel Baldwin, 3d do.


Judges - Rufus Shorey, Miles Shorey Sen., Miles Shorey Jr. of

Ernest Tín and Fredericksburgh


Persons to whom Premiums were awarded at

the Cattle Show, 1st Sept, 1835




Peter Davey, 1st best Bull

Alexander Edgar, 2nd do.

Nathan Fellows, 3d do.

Peter Davey, 1st best Cow.

Allan McPherson, 2d do.

John Gordanier, 3d do.

Daniel Perry, 1st 6 Calves

James Long 2d do.

Peter Davey 3d do.

John Gordanier, 1st best 4 Calves

Emanuel Tedway, 2d do.

Allan MacPherson, 3d do.

Philip J. Roblin, 1st best 2 Calves

Gilbert McGreer, 2d do.


Judges - Edwin Mallory, Benjamin Ham, Miles Shorey Jr.,

Samuel Miller and Thomas Casey




Robert Baty, 1st best Breeding Mare.

Samuel Miller, 2d do.

Samuel Dorland, 3d do.


Judges - Joseph Lossee, Henry Ham, Orrin Ranny


Jacob Humans, 1st Best Ram,

Peter Davy, 2d do.

Michael Asselstine, 3d do.

Peter Davy, 1st best 6 Ewes,

Jacob Harman, 2d do.

George J. Smith, 3d do.

James Wright, 1st best Boar

Peter Davey, 2d do.


Judges - Richard Hare, Samuel Dorland, Nathan Fellows




Isaac Ingersoll, 1st best 2 Cheeses

Samuel Casey, 2d do.

Willet Casey, 3d do.

J. A. Harman, 1st best piece of Flannel

Peter Davy, 2d do.


Judges - Alexr. Hoskins, Ebenezer Perry, Joseph Hawley,

Belyat Outwater, Michael Asselstine.


†† 3d Resolved - That a premium for the 1st, best piece of flannel, 10s:for the 2d do, 5s, the piece, should the funds warrant the same, be given.


†† 4th Resolved - That the following Directors be hereby authorized to act as Treasurers in their respective Townships - to receive of the General Treasurer the amount of premiums payable within their Townships and to pay the same over to the persons entitled so to receive, via; -


†† Allan MacPherson, Peter Davy, John Church, and Samuel Casey, Esquires.


†† 5th Resolved - That as no Director for Camden and Sheffield is present, we make no report for that division.


†† 6th Resolved -That the thanks of this meeting be given to those gentlemen who have acted as Judges this year.


†† 7th Resolved -that the Secretary be authorized to transmit a copy of the foregoing proceedings to the U.C. Herald Office for publication.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† G. H. DETLOR,

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††† Secretary