- A Correspondent Tells of These Old Chaps -

- Several Have Passed Away Within the last Couple of Years -

- A Respected Lady Lives to be 102 -

- General Paragraphs -


Napanee - Sept. 27 - Quite a number of hale and hearty old men, now past eighty, live here or in its vicinity, giving indication that our climate and surroundings are healthy. There are several also who have reached the age of ninety and some who have passed that distant mile-stone, which so few ever get within sight of.


     The oldest resident is probably Robert Maxwell, living at Riverside, nearly three miles west of the town. He was ninety-three last May, but still bids fair for some years of life yet. A few days ago he walked into town, three miles, preferring to "walk on" to waiting an hour or so for a ride. Last week he finished digging his potato crop of this year. His memory and mental faculties are yet good. He worked regularly at his trade, as a stone mason, till past eighty-five years. He has been for half a century a faithful member of the Methodist church and a  man of very temperate and industrious habits. He is a native of Ireland.


     John Wallace will be ninety in a few weeks. He has been a resident of Napanee since 1856, and until the past few years has worked very faithfully and industriously at his trade, as a plasterer. He also is a native of Ireland, and a man of most temperate and industrious habits. He is a member of the church of England. He is in good health, but has become physically feeble from the burden of years.


     William Madden, residing three miles east of the town, on the Kingston road, died a couple of weeks ago, aged ninety-two. He was a life long resident of this county, been born of sturdy U.E. Loyalist parentage. He was a farmer, a man also of very temperate and industrious habits. He was a member of the Methodist church.


     Reuben Hawley, a well known and prosperous farmer, residing in North Fredericksburgh a little east of the town, along the Napanee river, is now nearing his ninetieth year, and is still active and in good health, with mind and memory still clear. Mr. Hawley has lived all his life time in this vicinity; is a Methodist, a man of very temperate and industrious habits. He was a brother-in-law of the late David Roblin, M.P.P., so many years a leading spirit in municipal and political affairs in these counties.


     Daniel Outwaters, a retired farmer residing in town, is now past eighty-six years of age. He still enjoys fairly good health, though his eyesight and hearing have failed him considerably. His memory of old time events still remains good, but not of matters of more recent date. He was born on a farm in Fredericksburgh on the shores of Hay Bay, and has lived all his life time in the county. His memory is excellent of the grand old generation of this country, now all passed away with here and there an exception, with many of whom he was a play-fellow in his boyhood days. He is a Methodist and a strong friend of the temperance movement.


     John McKim, residing at Selby, four miles north of this town, is also nearly ninety and still enjoys fairly good health, sometimes still driving his own horse into town. He was born on a farm near here and has spent his whole life time as a farmer in this vicinity. He has been an active member of the Methodist Church, and a faithful official for two generations. Last Sunday he was at church, as usual. He has been also a zealous temperance worker.


     Within the last two or three years there passed away to the great majority several worthy old men in this vicinity, all past ninety years of age. Among them were John W. Bristol, a native of Ernesttown, near Bath, a retired farmer, a life long resident of the county, a Methodist and strong temperance advocate, aged ninety-four;  William Latimer, aged ninety-three, for many years a prominent resident of Frontenac, but who lived his last years and died here; also Lewis L. Bogart, of Adolphustown, in this county, a life long resident of that township, aged ninety-three, a life long temperance man and a Methodist. Mr. Bogart's mother died at his residence some twenty years ago, at the ripe age of 102, and retained well all her faculties, mental and physical, till she had long passed the century mile-stone.