Effie Dora Duffett married to Roger Bean Eames Oct 20th 1904

January 3rd

John J. Dorland

January 12th

Alexander Smith, Napanee

January 14th

[illegible] Clapp

January 21st

Amelia Membery

Carrie Chalmers

G. B. Aird

January 26th

Lottie Barker

Leonora F. Aird

February 3rd

Rickerson Hawley, 70 years old, Feb 3, 1916

Jimmie Allen

Fredric Bigway Wilkins born 1873

February 8th

Cynthia J. Casey

February 9th

Mrs. Amey Gunsolas 80 years old 1899

February 11th

John J. Watson 

     Born on Sunday 11th day of February 1816

February 12th

Hannah L. Swetman

February 13th

Helen R. Watson

February 21st

married 21st 1884   [*refers to Minnie Watson]

February 24th

Edwin William Eames &

Evelyn Adelaide Eames

     born in Chuton 24th Feb 1910

February 25th

Mary L. Allen

March 3rd

Minnie Wilkins born 1857

Janey Hawley

Edith Catherine Duffett 1916

March 8th

Addie Botterell

March 10th

Annie [?] Hudings[?]

     age 70 March 10, 1905

     236 Alfred Street Kingston

March 19th

Amy G. Duffett 1890

March 20th

H. A. VanAlstine

March 25th

Clarissa Wilkins born 18?9 Belleville

March 28th

W. S. Duffett

H. E. Johnston

March 30th

Maggie Armour

April 1st

Mary Nash, wife of Parker Allen

April 9th

Willie Dean

April 14th

Charles Wilkins, twin

Fannie Wilkins, twin

     born 1868

April 15th

Annie E. Dickson

April 23rd

Jas. C. Grace, Lindsay

April 26th

H. E. Louisa Aird

April 29th

H. A. Batson

May 1st

Annie F. O’Connell

May 3rd

Margaret Smith, Napanee, 20 Dec 1873

May 13th

Janey Drury

May 25th

Annie E. Botterell

May 27th

M. H. Esson

June 1st

Percy Duffett

June 2nd

Susie Allen

June 7th

Samuel Gerald Cecil Eames

     Born June 7th 1906 in Toronto

     Died Oct 3rd  1914, 8 years old

June 9th

Claud/Claire [?] L. Cayley

June 10th

Catharine Allison 1837

June 20th

Mary Gena Duffett 1914

June 22nd

Nellie Clarifsa Wilkins

     born 1860 died 1876

June 27th

Hattie Wilson

July 5th

Effie Duffett

July 12th

Minnie Watson

July 16th

Gertrude Watson

August 3rd

Lottie Dorland

August 8th

W. S. Morden

August 11th

George McWhirter

August 14th

Martha Murray

     14 years old in 1904

August 19th

Caroline Ramsey

Caroline McAnnassy[?]

     born 1814 died 1866

August 20th

Caroline Amelia Wilkins

     born 20 aug 1838

August 25th

Gerald Hope Scote

August 26th

Helen Gertrude Eames

     born in Adolphustown Aug 26th 1907

August 31st

Stella Clare Wilkins

     born 1876

September 2nd

Hattie Dougall

September 5th

Florence Woodward

September 11th

Eva Arwour, Bomanville

September 15th

Maude Paxton Duffett

     died 15th Sep 1919

     wife of Percy Duffett

September 21st

Seth Alexander Huffman

     born 21st September 1909

September 24th

Mary Ann Eliza Wilkins

     born 1836

September 25th

William Harold Ernest Vernon Duffett

October 16th

Laura A. Davy

October 20th

Macdonald Arwour, Bomanville

October 31st

D. Hawley

November 3rd

Helen C. Esson

Lina Aylsworth

November 12th

May Allen Clarke

     married 27th Feb 1913

November 14th

Henry Alfred Wilkins

     born 1840  died 1855

November 20th

Amy Gena Allison & John Watson Duffett

married 8.30 a.m. 1912

at C. R. Allison’s Adolphustown

December 14th

John Watson Duffett

     married 20th Nov 1912 by Rev. Garrett

December 26th

Edith Membery

December 30th

Parker Allen

     72 years old in the year 1883

     82                                           1893