The Story Behind the Photos


   A few years ago, we received the following email from British Columbia:


"Close to 40 years ago, my Mother befriended a man who worked in the local dump in what was then called Haney, BC. It is now known as Maple Ridge BC. The man was disgusted with what he had found discarded. It was a leather bound photo album with pictures of a family that I think is from Ontario.  I cannot remember why he gave the album to my Mother but there is a direct connection between these photos and Fredericksburgh. Among the 46 extremely well preserved photos are two funeral notices, one for Margaret Asselstine and another for Nicholas Asselstine."



   They kindly passed the photos on to us. We have not been able to confirm the identities of the people, but assume from the funeral notices that the album belonged to the family of Nicholas and Margaret Asselstine of South Fredericksburgh.


   If you are able to identify any of the photos, please contact us!