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   To His Excellency Lieutenant General the Right Honourable Charles Murray, Earl Cathcart of Cathcart in the County of Renfrew, K.C.B., Administrator of the Government of the Province of Canada and Commander of Her Majesty’s Forces in British North America, etc., etc.


   The petition of the members of the United Churches of England and Ireland in the Parishes of Adolphustown and Fredericksburgh in the Midland District and in the Diocese of Toronto humbly sheweth


   That during the last session of the Provincial Legislature, petitions from the Church Society of the Diocese of Toronto and from many thousands of the inhabitants of Upper Canada were presented to His Excellency the Governor General as well as to the other branches of the Legislature, praying that the United Church of England and Ireland may have the control and management of a share of the Clergy Reserves equal in proportion to the share of the proceeds of the Reserves which is appropriated by law to the support of that church.


   That these petitions being referred to a committee of the Legislative Assembly, the prayer of the petitioners was strongly recommended to the favourable consideration of the Legislature, but that the session term ended without any measure being proposed for promoting the object which is so much desired by a large body of the people.


   That your petitioners have since seen with pain a system in operation for disposing of the Clergy Reserves upon a plan which is leading to the almost total sacrifice of the provision made by law for the support of religion and transferring in a great measure into the hands of speculators at little more than a nominal value, a property which might without injury to any other public interest be made the means under a careful and judicious management of promoting to an incalculable degree the religious and moral condition of the people.


   That your petitioners are convinced that Your Excellency entertains the fullest assurance that no human efforts for advancing the welfare and securing the happiness and peace of the country can be so effectual as those which are directed to the dissemination of religious truth and the maintaining among the people a strong but humble sense of their duty and of their obligations to their fellow men and the readiness with which the Legislature has assisted the members of the Church of England in their efforts to organize a charitable society for promoting these objects more effectually inspired us with the hope that Your Excellency’s attention will in the present session be favourable given to the object of our prayer.


   Your petitioners therefore humbly pray that the report of the committee of the Legislative Assembly to which we have referred may be favourably considered by Your Excellency, and that Your Excellency will be pleased to concur in an address to Her Majesty, praying that the sale of the Clergy Reserves may be no further proceeded in and that an Act may be passed providing for the assignment to the United Church of England and Ireland in the Diocese of Toronto of such share of the Clergy Reserves as will correspond to the share which the Act of the Imperial Parliament, 3 and 4 Vic, cap. 78, assigns to her, of the funds to be derived from the sale of the Reserves.


   And that in said Act such provision may be made as to Your Excellency may be thought just for protecting any guaranteed or implied rights of the present occupants of such lands as might fall to the share of the United Church of England and Ireland, as well as for preventing any tracts of such lands remaining unsettled, to the detriment of the Township or neighbourhood in which they may be situated.


   And your petitions as in duty bound will ever pray.


Adolphustown and Fredericksburgh, March, 1846


Job Deacon, rector of Adolphustown and Minister in charge of Fredericksburgh

Peter V. Dorland and Matthew Ruttan, Church Wardens for Adolphustown

John Davy and D.M.Kinzie, Church Wardens for Adolphustown



Note: Although every effort has been made to correctly transcribe the names, there are still a few that we are attempting to confirm.


Richard Lowe

William Lowe

Robert Leatch

William Bowman

Francis Deprey

James Canniff

John Outwater

Thomas Briggs

William Briggs

Joseph Trumpour

Paul Trumpour

John Trumpour

James C. Trumpour

Thos. D. Trumpour

John Rutter

Robert Way

Parker Allen

John J. Watson

Archibald Hover

Jacob Hover

Henry Brookes

Robert Pearson

Andrew J. Carnes

Andrew Gerow

Isaac Gerow

Deacon Hoover

Wm. M. Roblin

Jonathan Allen

John Allen

John Antenow [?]

William Newbery

Alednego Norman

William Robson

Robert McCutcheon

John McCutcheon

Elick McCutcheon

William Cadman

John M. Dafoe

James Dafoe

Daniel Dafoe

P.V. Dafoe

Zenas H. Dafoe

Michael Dafoe Sr.

William Shewman

James Chamberlain

Peter Loyst

Philip Garrison

John Doran

Luke Carscallen Jr.

William Vandewater

Charles Forster

John Dafoe

James C. Dafoe

Martin Shewman

Daniel Lloyd

John J. Bowerman

Thomas Chambers

Charles Chambers

Henry Howe [?]

John Paterson

George Lucas Jr.

James Douglass

Henry Morgan

Joseph Douglass

Leonard Pierson

Thomas Herns

Augustus N. Hermance

Andrew Kimerley

Joseph Outwater

George Bowers

Andrew Wilde

John Loyst

Richard Bedford

Valentine Joist

James E.M. Spencer

William R. Miller

Thomas Smyth

Samuel [?] Smyth

John R. Dafoe

James Fitchett

John Fitchett

James Vandewater

Jacob Ruttan

Martin Hough

David R. Bradshaw

James Bradshaw

Giles  Membery

John Drake

Anthony Denike

Noxon [?] Williams

Samuel Hawley

Samuel Moril [?]

John Ruttan

Mathew Ruttan

Weston Wright

William Anderson

Jacob Schriver

Hugh Filson

Ebenezer Green

Edward Howard

James Royle

William Church

Peter D. Graham

Abram McGraham

Joel Ingersoll

George Harwood Sr.

George Harwood Jr.

Wm. Haywood

Elisha Sills

James Loyse

George Bristow

Henry Ginery

Thomas Bignell

Daniel Burk

George Brough

Thomas Neilson

Nicholas W. Murdoff

Wm. Berton

George M. Davy

John W. Davy

Peter R. Davy

Nelson R. Davy

Wm. Brough

John Bell

Daniel Carr

J.W. Bell

Joseph Wiseman

Robert C. McMichael

Samuel Wiseman

Chester Hoskins

James Hough

Alexander Hoskins

James Young

Richard Young

Robert Young

A. Bailey

William Granery

Ira Pringle

John B. Lewis

John Huffman

Andrew Embry

Jacob Dempsey [?]

A.B. McCoy

Levy Person

John W. Ferguson

John Bush

William Wager

Henry Loyst

Seth Wheeler

Samuel Lucas

John Loucks

John B. [?] Hazard

Joseph McQuain

Jacob Bowen

Miles Lucas

Peter Parks

James Frink

John G. Shaw

Paul T. Dorland

Isaac Carscallen

Henry Baker Jr.

Robert Clark

Henry Baker Sr.

Edward B. Carscallen

Thomas B. Carscallen

Lancelot Armstrong

Michael Nicholeson

Jonathan C. Jackson

John Jackson

O.T.  Pruyn

William H. Tumulty [?]

William Bush

James Bush

Tomis Prince

John Simpson

William Meesham [?]

Richard N. Ratten

Charles S. Rattan

Samuel Johnson

James Hart

Russel Hart

James Hart Jr.

George Rutter

John [?] Perry [?]

Jacob Huffnail

Gilbert Griffis

William Griffis Sr.

David Rattan

William Rattan