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The Southern Townships of Lennox and Addington County



The Original Township of Fredericksburgh 
“Third Town of Cataraqui”


Boundaries were surveyed by November 1783 but the lot lines were not run until the following year

Settled in 1784 by the KRR NY, Butler’s Rangers and Jessup’s Rangers under Major James Rogers.

Named for Prince August Frederick, Duke of Sussex, ninth child of George III.

Total Area: 44,000 acres.


Fredericksburgh Additional 


In order that all the veterans from The Rogers Corps. were accommodated in a single township,

land was taken from Adolphustown and added to Fredericksburgh.

The numbering of the original Fredericksburgh lots started at Lot 1 and continued eastward for 26 lots.

The numbering of the Township of Adolphustown lots also started with Lot 1 and extended westward for 33 lots.

When land was taken from Adolphustown the lot numbering remained,

but lots 1 to 12 were assigned to Fredericksburgh.

This portion of the former Adolphustown Township was later called 'Fredericksburgh Additional'.


North/South Division of Fredericksburgh


When Municipal Governments were formed, many townships had no halls or places of their own in which to hold council

or public meetings and taverns were used for this purpose.

Meetings alternated between the North and South parts of Fredericksburgh Township. 

In the northern part of the township meetings were held at the Lucas Tavern, known as the

Dew Drop Inn north of Big Creek Bridge on Country Road #8.

In the southern part of the Township, meetings were held at Charters' Tavern in the community of Sillsville.

Both buildings still stand as residential homes.

Most people in the southern part of the Township traveled east to Bath for their supplies

whereas those living north of Big Creek shopped in Napanee.

As a result there was no great urgency by either the south or the north to properly maintain a connecting road.

This condition remained until the time of the county road system.

There was an on-going dispute as to where to hold council meetings and the tension increased

when a site for a permanent township building was discussed.

Thus it seemed reasonable at the time to solve the problem by separating into a North and South Township.

This occurred in 1857


South Fredericksburgh



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North Fredericksburgh



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The Township of Adolphustown

“Fourth Town of Cataraqui”



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Named for Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge, tenth son of George III

First Loyalists arrived June 16, 1784.

11,500 acres